I highly recommend Cheryl’s work as a strategic leadership advisor and executive coach. She brings significant experience, insights, and proven processes to solutions for strategic planning, Board governance and development, employee engagement, and improving CEO and executive performance. She has field-tested methodologies for each of these solutions, starting with assessments, and building in metrics so that she can demonstrate results and prove her value. This is only one quality about her that sets her apart, in addition to her passion for leadership and creating a strong organizational culture, she has an overall grounded and powerful presence. I have had the pleasure of observing her coach leaders in a variety of challenging situations and she is a keen listener who brings value through her insightful inquiry and ability to help clients look at issues from a variety of perspectives. Cheryl would be a great asset to any leadership team that wants to improve performance, and unlike many of the professionals in this space, she is committed to bringing substance and metrics to prove her results while improving leadership performance and organizational effectiveness.

Andrew Neitlich
Founder and CEO
Center for Executive Coaching

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