Leadership Development


Cheryl is passionate and highly motivating and has been an important coaching resource for me. Her supportive and focused coaching has helped me to achieve a breakthrough into my own leadership journey. At times her coaching questions were tough ones but her warm and caring style and persistent guidance [...]

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Executive Coaching

I highly recommend Cheryl’s work as a strategic leadership advisor and executive coach. She brings significant experience, insights, and proven processes to solutions for strategic planning, Board governance and development, employee engagement, and improving CEO and executive performance. She has field-tested methodologies for each of these solutions, starting with [...]

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CEO Assessment

Our board felt we could improve our CEO assessment process and contracted Cheryl to help us do that. She suggested a process that included a self-assessment by the CEO plus a confidential online assessment of the CEO by all individual board members. Cheryl then led us through a facilitated [...]

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Organizational Culture

After recently losing our Executive Director, our Board hired Cheryl to assess the team, begin a culture shift and help us hire a new leader. Cheryl was absolutely the right choice as a consultant. Her assessments of the organizational structure and culture were bang on. Even though she was [...]

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Peer-to-Peer Assessments

When Cheryl first suggested a peer-to-peer evaluation of our Board effectiveness, many Board members were reticent. Now that we have completed the process, all Board members agree that it was both an enlightening and positive experience. As part of the process, Cheryl provided each Director with their confidential individual [...]

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