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Diversity of Thought – What I learned from the Globe Crossword Puzzle

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This past December, I received an email from the Globe and Mail with a link to their holiday crossword puzzle. Full disclosure, I am not a fan of crosswords, can’t stand the things. But, hey, I thought it could be a fun sideline with family and friends coming over throughout the holiday season. So, I downloaded the nine pages – that’s right, nine pages of crossword and taped them together to form this one MASSIVE crossword puzzle. Intimidating as hell, but no worries, I would have the help of many […]

Humanity and Resilience – Leadership Lessons I Learned from Kim Campbell

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Wow, what a rush!  It was 1993 and I was on the convention floor in Ottawa for the Conservative Party Leadership Race.  It looked like my choice for party leader, Kim Campbell was going to win if we could muster enough votes for the second ballot.  It was organized mayhem and as a young business woman and new member of the national Conservative Party, I was in awe.

Just as we were preparing to vote, Kim came onto the floor to personally thank and shake hands with her supporters.  I remember […]

Chocolate Fountains and Corporate Culture

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As a self-confessed chocoholic I am always delighted to see a chocolate fountain at any event I’m attending.  I love to watch the way the thick warm chocolate flows down over each layer.  What a treat!  And, have you ever noticed how a strawberry, stuck into the chocolate at one of the top layers alters the flow of chocolate downward over all the other layers?  So delicious!

Okay… snap out of it!  What does this have to do with corporate culture?

Well, like the chocolate fountain, corporate culture […]

Making it Look so Easy

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Do you have friends or colleagues that are just natural hosts? They make a dinner gathering of twenty look like it was effortless to pull together?

I went to a Christmas party this season that I would describe as perfectly wonderful.  The hosts made everyone welcome, the décor and food were fantastic, music and conversation filled the room.  It was a lovely evening and really added to the joy of the season.  As I was commenting on the ability to pull off such a wonderful evening, a […]

Rope Climbing or Singing – What is Your Leadership “Secret Sauce”?

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Have you ever been embarrassed at a leadership retreat?

A few years ago, a colleague of mine went to a week long leadership development retreat and, as is often the case with these retreats, a day was spent doing a physical activity that was supposed to enhance leadership skills.  On this occasion, the groups spent the better part of a day learning the climbing techniques of belaying. After becoming confident in their skills, each group was asked to secure a team member to their safety ropes and […]

Effective leaders help their employees stay high!

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Many years back as our family was growing we moved to a larger home in a new neighborhood.  Our new street had lots of children and on days when I wasn’t working, the bewitching hour just before dinner was spent out on someone’s driveway, visiting with the other mum’s and watching the kids play.

I thought that I was part of the “tribe” of mothers on the street so imagine my disappointment when I was the only mum not invited to the Christmas cookie exchange.  In fact, it was more than […]

Intelligent Disobedience – A Leadership Lesson from my Son

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Where is it written that boys can’t get their ears pierced?

Have your kids ever challenged you on “family rules” and you realized they were right?  It’s damn disconcerting, isn’t it?!

For my son, he didn’t understand, or agree with, the idea that it was okay for my daughters to pierce their ears but it wasn’t okay for him.  Alright so this challenge happened back in the 90s, but it was a leadership lesson I never forgot.

As a co-leader of our family, I wanted my children to feel confident in asserting themselves […]

Three Simple and Effective Leadership Strategies

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Last Saturday, before golf my husband and I were having our morning coffee out on the deck enjoying another beautiful summer morning.  We were talking about our past week (okay, maybe I was doing most of the talking) and I was going on about one of my clients and the interesting work we were doing together around culture and leadership.

Out of the blue, my hubby says, “Leadership is such an overused term.  What does it really mean?  Isn’t everyone a leader?”   Well, imagine my anguish, he had hit me right […]

For Leaders Who Want To Build A Winning Culture

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Cheryl Byrne - 3 Simple StrategiesWinning Culture?

Every leader wants to build a “winning” team. They want a team that is willing to take on new projects, learn new ways of solving challenges, collaborate and engage in healthy conflict.
Ultimately, they want teams that are excited to come to work and have the “can do” attitude that will make everyone successful. This is the power of culture.

Thinking about Google, Adobe, Chevron Oil and Southwest Airlines and their impressive corporate cultures, we may think it is […]

Where is Your Board when it comes to Organizational Culture?

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In her first year of work after graduating from University, my daughter experienced an aggressive corporate culture that was based on harassment and bullying. At that time, she still lived at home so each night at the dinner table we would hear about her horrible work day and we could see how it was affecting her confidence, her self-esteem and her mental health. Fortunately, my husband and I were able to coach her on how to survive this work environment until she was […]

Is Your Board Your Best Brand Ambassador?

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Let’s consider a board that is capable of a wide array of thought leadership, exhibits a strong strategic inclination and can make effective and proactive decisions. This board would also have a sound understanding of the economy, the industry, the competition and the requirements of all its stakeholders. I propose that this board would be inspiring to all stakeholders and board members would be respected as positive Brand Ambassadors for the organization.

If this is not how you would describe your board today, there are steps you can take to move your board […]

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